Get your online event success with our profound event analytics & reporting feature.

Virtual event analytics

With Expouse’s in-depth virtual and hybrid event analytics, you can access the data you need to track attendance, interest, attention and action in your Online event.

EXHIBIT the offering

Signify exactly what you’re offering to virtual sponsors and create better packages.

Analysis session popularity

Analytics shows the sessions are most popular, based on real-time attendance and participation.

Measurement of attendance

Measurement of number of attendees are attending the event. Those are chatting, meeting and networking.

Pragmatic insight

Not only number the deep seeding analysis is necessary for a great event. Get insights into audience behaviour to further improve your virtual summit with live feedback.

Boost efficiency

Retaliate to real-time analytics and send notifications to boost engagement and organic traffic.

analytics for gamification

View and examine the game adoption rates with vital gamification stats. Identify the best player, popular games, final points tally.

Get the detailed analytics for upcoming online events