Virtual Hackathon

A fully interactive team Hackathon experience uninterruptedly brought to your organization in a completely online platform

The event gives participants an opportunity to network, collaborate, and productize their ideas.Get exciting challenges and a world-class hackathon experience on topics like – Programming, Data science, Machine learning, Blockchain and more

Exclusive features of Virtual Hackathon

Expouse online platform with all special features for your virtual hackathon event

Virtual Hackathon

Encourage Alliance with team members

  • Create a intellectual networking, discuss ideas, create team bonding and leadership and set goals to win the hackathons with virtual hackathon software
Virtual Hackathon

To enhance the healthy challenges Virtual Leaderboard is created

  • Virtual leaderboard is to create the attraction on for the members to keep the challenging mode on, assign points to all the teams at every online hackathon stage.
Virtual Hackathon

Create Personal Real-life Meeting Rooms to Discuss and Vision

  • Real-life virtual booth creation for every teams or augmented networking lounge and setup live meetings and chats to keep up with the virtual hackathon
  • Manage virtual engagement using 1-1 chats and discussion if needed between the team members
Virtual Hackathon

Create an Expert panel to guide the participant virtually yet personally As 1:1 chat

  • Power the team members to create private chat rooms so experts would be available to each and every participant
  • 1:1 interaction between member & expert through live chats and discuss your doubts & rectification to get the best results in the virtual event.
Virtual Hackathon

Demo and prototype presentation used to attract audience globally & virtually

  • You can use livestreming or upload stunning demo/presentation about the ideas and work you’ve put in online hackathon event.
  • Amalgamation of live video and livestream to showcase your product to the virtual event judges

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