Empower Universities to join Virtually to meet Potential Applicants & present different papers on a  e-learning fair platform

Represent a captivating virtual education fair that helps college, universities & students bond and collaborate and plan their future on which university, courses are improvised for them

Virtual Education Fair

Must have features to host education fair online available in Expouse 

Foster connection between academicians and global student base & listen to their ideas & research papers with an amazing virtual education fair.

Virtual Education Fair

Accelerate your education event with interactive chat tools

  • Open chat option between University representative & students
  • Get & access with more academic information
  • Organize 1:1 chats & personal meetings
  • Allow students to download pledges like university brochures
Virtual Education Fair

Promote your university culture via a custom virtual booth

  • Facilitate Live presentations and webinars
  • Create a custom virtual booth showcasing university culture
  • Attract prospects/students to know more about universities by uploading video, text, images in their exhibitor profile
Virtual Education Fair

Networking lounge validates paper presentation by students

  • Advance book seats for meetings with selected candidates
  • Brand your networking lounge for with university logos
  • Initiate panel or group discussions for upto 12 attendees
  • Host keynote seamless session of virtual education fair to make contrast between prospective student with ideal universities
Virtual Education Fair

Organize Breakout Sessions for Students/Attendees

  • Conduct interactive breakout sessions with the students
  • Small Breakout Sessions needs to change the repetition of sessions while encouraging interest in the attendees
  • Select notable topics of interest
  • Attract the remote audience through these sessions to connect with groups
  • Conduct multiple seamless sessions on virtual educational event software
Virtual Education Fair

Enable Universities to Collect Student Information for Easy Review and Follow-Ups

  • Get an instant & detailed reviews from the students & universities enrolled in the virtual education event platform
  • Use these data & analysis to improve future prospects and virtual meetings
  • Ensure the attendees and exhibitors have a positive experience from their initial moment using online education fair software until their final session

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