Medical Conference starts with Expouse Online Event Software

Enrich audiences’ online with the valuable perception of your medical research work and interact with them via live chat, Q&A with Expouse virtual event software for medical events.

Virtual Medical Event

Extensive features of Virtual Medical Event

Transform your medical events & conferences with the perfect mix of virtual hybrid events outstanding features.

Virtual Medical Event

Represent a virtual medical conference with seamless sessions

  • Represent research topics over live video
  • Create & host panel discussions
  • Interact with attendees via live chat, Q&A.
  • Mediate as a co-host the medical sessions with speakers
  • Upload and share speakers’ medical presentations & papers
Virtual Medical Event

Maximize the virtual sponsor and exhibitor booths

  • Provide your sponsors & exhibitors with virtual booth opportunities
  • Promote their brand with virtual booth space
  • Access downloadable product/services pledge
  • Give access to upload product videos and photos
  • Exhibitors, sponsors & attendees can access live video chat option
Virtual Medical Event

Medical events and conferences certifications

  • Get online certifications for specializations
  • Recognition in medical fields and breakthroughs
  • Privilege medical and healthcare professionals
  • Acknowledge medical achievements with the best of professionals
Virtual Medical Event

Improve networking opportunities for the delegates

  • Access the attendee list with virtual medical conference software
  • Networking lounge to hold small group meetings
  • Easily escalate into Private 1-1 chats to1:1 video meetings or group calls
  • Easily provide valuable networking opportunities to medical professionals and others
Virtual Medical Event

Promoting strong professional connections at virtual medical conferences

  • Connect healthcare professionals and network
  • Enables them to create strong professional connections
  • Sharing Medical ideas, new research & perception
  • Business cards sharing will accelerate connections with their fellow attendees

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