Power Your Virtual Trade Show   Success with Expouse Virtual Event Platform

Our integrated flexible virtual event platform helps your Virtual trade shows to reach remote attendees & connect with exhibitors make them interact directly.

Virtual Trade Fair

Extensive features of Virtual Trade Fair

Trade Shows Create Opportunities deliver personalized & faster meetings, easy lead tracking, product exposure build a rapport with remotely attendees.

Virtual Trade Fair

Expouse Offers Virtual Booths to Exhibitors with Virtual trade show platform

  • Online Networking Tables to Host Anticipated Meetings
  • Branded Networking Tables for Premium Exhibitors & Sponsors
  • Exhibitors can offer Downloadable Product/ Service Pledge
  • Live video chats between exhibitors, sponsors & attendees
Virtual Trade Fair

Enhance Attendee Experience using Online Trade Show Platforms

  • Integrate real-time content
  • Using modern contest modules to attract more Attendees
  • Host Multiple – Parallel Sessions for Attendees
  • Ability to interact with chats, setup 1-1 meetings & share business cards
  • Increase engagement with quizzes & polls
Virtual Trade Fair

Promote entrepreneurship by using virtual trade show platforms

  • Engage More Attendees Online
  • Value rich experience for Attendees
  • Enhance Qualified Leads for Exhibitors
  • Encourage more Sponsorship for Online Traction
  • Enables entrepreneurs to design and build highly customizable virtual events
Virtual Trade Fair

Gear up Lead Generation using an interactive exhibitor profile

  • Present your Product Pitch with Live Webinars
  • Create virtual trade show booths
  • Showcase product information
  • Develop effective interactive exhibitor dashboard
  • Connecting users to relevant products using AI-driven matchmaking to drive more targeted buyers
Virtual Trade Fair

Scale your online event success with detailed reports

  • Get perception on session attendance
  • Analyze number of meetings held
  • Number of chat-room interactions
  • Get engagement data from interactive analytics like Q&A participation and Live polls
  • Drill down reports to plan future actions
  • Make sure you account for every detail, outcome, and potential issue

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