Support your team to be proactive, productive knowledgeable in the Dynamic Virtual workspace

Expouse’s Virtual Employee Platform encourage & assist the employee with an advance virtual knowledge to make a difference in workzone

Virtual Employee Engagement

Unique features of Virtual Employee Engagement

Expouse’s employee engagement platform with the most advanced interactive features helps to enhance profitability in the organisation.

Virtual Employee Engagement

Interactive training sessions for employees

  • Training employees is effective & modernized with live chat & on demand webinars
  • Interactive live QnA sessions to discuss goals for the company
  • Give access employees to view & download manuals, documents and tools for enhance efficiency
  • Create online courses and tests virtually for the employees
  • Include live-streaming platforms to deliver training sessions to distant audiences
Virtual Employee Engagement

Gamify the employee various Rewards recognition options

  • Gamify will boost your employee to support you to reach high enjoyably
  • Mention points table to get by participating in polls, quizzes, engaging on live feed etc.
  • Reward employees upon reaching milestones, or achieving a goal by manager
  • Create leaderboard for virtual communities
  • Relate & mention points to different activities
Virtual Employee Engagement

Informative with engagement system

  • Aware of the session attendance
  • Report of number of meetings held
  • Chat-room interactions numbers
  • Analytic of Q&A participation and Live polls shows details of engagement data
Virtual Employee Engagement

Customize personalized networking sessions with networking lounge

  • Employee Engagement Events boost networking experience
  • Employees keep in touch with others through virtual networking lounge
  • Employees can set one-on-one meeting
  • Group meetings feasible upto 12 employees
Virtual Employee Engagement

Interactive & versatile features used to customize engagement experience

  • Keep your employees notify via a virtual engagement platform through live notifications
  • Set up one-on-one meetings or promote specific blocks of time for direct connections, between the right employees with relevant content
  • Give access employees view attendee profiles and connect with them
  • Encourage live chats on hybrid virtual employee engagement platforms

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