Create Global Conference to Reach Vast Audience with The Dynamic Virtual Conference Software

Expouse provides all the functionality required to turn virtual conference into reality, with a large number of potential audience.

Virtual Conference

Extensive features of Virtual Conference

Host full-scale conferences with multiple stages, sessions, networking, and expo booths

Virtual Conference

Boost up your event networking with Virtual Conference Platform

  • Strengthen Attendee match-making
  • 1:1 video networking
  • 1:1 chat
  • Chat rooms for small group discussions
  • Access to the attendee list
Virtual Conference

Increase ROI for sponsors and exhibitors with Virtual Conference Solution

  • Exhibitor creation & sponsor profile
  • Upload & show the product videos and images
  • Host downloadable Pledge
  • Branded sponsor and exhibitor tables
  • Download lead engagement reports
Virtual Conference

Host multiple seamless tracks and sessions with hybrid virtual conference

  • Topic-driven live videos
  • Host panel discussions
  • Interactive Q&A sessions and live polls
  • During live chat open comment & queries option
  • Upload & share speakers presentation
Virtual Conference

More attention to sponsors & attendees via networking lounge

  • Create discussion lounge based on topics or sessions for sponsors
  • Create a community chat & meet up option of attendees
  • Provide a branded networking lounge to your sponsors and exhibitors
  • Create a virtual conference room to host discussion
Virtual Conference

Gamify to boost participation via robust versatile features at virtual conference

  • Introduce reward system to engage your audience proactively
  • Trivia Quizzes needs to conduct to enhance the knowledge of attendees
  • A few fun ice-breaker games needs to create an engaging networking experience
  • Leaderboard creation fuels up the attendees and attractive

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