Virtual Member Engagement

Trigger your member engagement event with Expouse’s Member Engagement Platform

Reinforce your membership association by conducting an online member engagement summit with online member engagement platform for associations.

Recreate Member Engagement. Check out the vast range of features now:

Expouse is the platform where new ideas emerged with rich lesson learning sessions, research details discussion between member globally

Virtual Member Engagement

Online member meetup connect & expand remote member virtually

  • Follow up attendee list
  • List & Conduct virtual meetings
  • Exchange business cards
  • Be informative with valuable notes
  • 1-1 chats and video meetings
Virtual Member Engagement

Create initiation of distinct conversations between associations members

  • Access the networking lounge and create meetings agenda
  • Let the member experience a new event with event networking lounge
  • Create a all new in-app chat platform for virtual member engagement event
  • Engage on the live feed
Virtual Member Engagement

Introduce Special Virtual Space for Association Sponsors with a Virtual Sponsor Booth

  • Access Sponsor Profile
  • Networking lounge show branded sponsored tables
  • Conduct Live chats between members & sponsors
  • Upload & share Marketing Videos and images
  • Host Downloadable Product/Service Pledge
Virtual Member Engagement

Session management with data-reach interactive robust features

  • Moderate and provide session chat Agenda-wise View Session & host Live & On-Demand Sessions
  • Enhance The Registration Experience offers Register/ Buy Session Tickets
  • Host Live Q&A and conduct live polls
  • Host digital Keynote Speakers
Virtual Member Engagement

Join Members virtually with Sharp witted using engagement software

  • Thorough researched profile
  • Smart matchmaking
  • Dedicated 1:1 Meeting Rooms
  • Demo room creations

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