Today in the post-COVID-19 world we are very familiar with the words social distancing, lockdown, etc. The world is moving on with an unthinkable state. Life is waking up again, the economy is gearing up. We need to adapt unconventional unique strategies to combat the phrase, to create new ways of conducting events virtually.

A microscopic virus almost stopped our economic growth for a long time. Expouse loves to take on challenges. We love to create unparalleled virtual events, which can touch our everyday life immensely.

According to us, events should be omnipresent. We are focusing on digital alternatives to events.

Now we can take a look at the different types of tailored virtual events that we offer to you to fulfill your specific goal or purpose. The capacity to create ‘best moments’ that boost attendees to tell their peers and colleagues, take action or return for future events.

Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences offer planners and marketers a way to connect with vast audiences, often leading to higher registration numbers than in-person events as travel and cost are no longer burdens attendees must bear.

These are highly engaging and include a series of large sessions run by thought leaders in the industry who present to and interact with attendees.

Virtual conferences achieve this by hosting a virtual realistic landing page, virtual lobby. Attendees offered to choose seamless sessions. For sponsors, we create various opportunities to boost sponsorship, sell tickets to engage with speakers through polls, chats, and live Q&As.

Virtual Job Fair

Company heads all across the world believe that job fair events are one of the most effective hiring channels after digital advertising to hire in a fair manner.

Also, the job seekers expect to reach their peak with the help of these job fairs, which escalate them to connect to the top-notch directors. They can have 1:1 interactive sessions along with can show their capability through the various gaming session.

For companies, cost-effectiveness & time management is a big issue to handle. Expouse here with a sturdy platform to equip you to host a successful brandable job fair.

We are here to expand your brand value along with to reach the compatible employee for you.
When we can’t visit personally to the extreme limit due to some disaster like COVID, we need virtual help to bring them closer, connect the best people.

Hosting the job fair virtually minimizes time and cuts costs by a significant amount. Needless to say, it’s very necessary & feasible in today’s context.

Virtual Education Fair

Reaching to the colleges, universities is quite difficult now in the pandemic. Education is necessary, it’s the base of any country.

So, we boost and make a way for the academicians to connect globally.

We virtually promote your education event with interactive chat tools, by minimizing distance by technologies. Our networking lounge validates paper presentations by students. The fair educational software ensures clean & smooth reviews from attendees & exhibitors.

Expouse enhances the optimistic experience of attendees and exhibitors through seamless sessions.

There are many more Meet-up, Hackathon, Employee Engagement, Award shows. You will get insights into the latest trends too.